Menstrual Period is a daunting time for most of us. The signs and symptoms of menstruation are as follows
Body aches
Lower backache
Lower back Spasm
Stomach Bloating
Depress mood
Stomach cramps
Breasts Tenderness
Mood swings
Nausea and vomiting

What is a period kit?

The period kit is a purse that holds all the supplies that will help you during your period, especially combating the sign and symptom associated with menstruation. It is
important to develop the habit of carrying your period/survival with you at all times.

Who needs period kit?

Every woman who is about to start menstruating and women already menstruating.
Collage girls
Professional women
Reproductive age Moms

It is paramount for every girl to have a menstrual kit. Period kit should be kept in handbag or backpack at all times. Mom should learn to assemble a DIY period kit for their daughters and explain to them how to use each item on the period kit.

List of items to include a period survival kit.


To hold your period essential. You can find this in your local beauty store, clothing store, drug store or online. The size and shape depend on what you want to include in it. I use a make-up bag I bought from my local beauty supply store.

Tampon/ Pad or Menstrual cup

Depending on your preference you should have one feminine hygiene product in your period kit. It could be a tampon, pad or menstrual cup

Sanitary wipes/feminine wipes.

Include a travel size
non-scented biodegradable wipe

Pain reliever

Help ease period cramps, joint pain, back pain, and muscle ache
One dose is sufficient. Replace them immediately after us.
Common types of period pain relievers are
Aspirin acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen.

Travel size pill bottle

This is a must-have, to store your pain reliever. You can find them in dollar stores, drug store or online.

Hand sanitizer

This is a must have, in your a period kit. You can always pick up a small size from your local drug store.


Period accidents happens, make sure to Include extra underwear preferable cotton and black colored underwear. I prefer Women’s Disposable 100% Cotton Underwear, you can purchase them online and if you are on a budget, include one of your clean underwear in your period kit.

Plastic bag

This can be in the form of a zip lock bag or grocery bag to hold your used feminine hygiene products or  your dirty clothes or underwear.

Collapsible travel cup

Use to take your mediation and drink your herbal tea, it is not convent to take your pain reliever out of the water dispenser found in school

Herbal Tea

They help reduce severity, and duration of menstrual pain
The most common types of herbal teas are Ginger Tea
Leaf Tea. Plant.
Green Tea.
Fennel Tea.
Cramp Bark Tea.
Keep one tea bag in your period kit.

Heating Pad

Fit in, a small size menstrual Heating Pad in your period kit. You can find them in your drug store or online.

Essential oil

Essential oil contains anti-inflammatory agents that helps ease period cramps. Popular period essential oils are
Frankincense oil
A spicy blend
Roman chamomile
Cypress oil
Clary sage.
There are either inhaled, rubbed on pressure points or rubbed on the stomach to help ease period pain. You can find travel size roller bottle in your local drug store

Fragrance /Deodorant

Sample size Fragrance is an essential component of the period kit. Menstruation affects our mood and sense of smell. Fragrances with a note of lemon, spicy pink pepper
and orange help with mood elevation. You can always ask for a sample size of any fragrance that has the above ingredient at your favorite fragrance store or Sephora 


Mint gums, Salty, spicy or sugary snack helps with menstrual cramps. Make sure to include anyone of the following,
Mint gum
Dark chocolate
Travel size salty crackers

Loss change

Have some dollar worth of quarters in your kit. In case you forget to refill any feminine hygiene product.