The Art of male stripping”My experience in a strip club”

I was going to caption this “What lead people to choose stripping as a career “but haven seen Fifty Shades Male Revue at club Bahia last night. I changed my mind. I am a girl and I am allowed to change my mind. LOL. I want to make this clear before I start narrating my experience with male stripping as an art. I don’t know if one-time exposure qualifies as experience. Sorry for diverting.

I not aligned with stripping as a career choice for male or female. I am not here to judge anybody’s life choices. However, we leave in a society that we are afraid to have an informed opinion, “Yes informed not a stupid opinion”. We are allowed to have an intellectual decision on a topic without been afraid of societal backlash. “The so-called cancel culture” I not here to speculate what led them to start stripping, I am here to intellectually talk about stripping as an art. Believe you I “IS AN ART”.

My experience stepping into the strip club  for the first time in my life

I did not know what to expect, as a first-time attendee, while I have watched magic mike but that is a movie, nobody can move like Channing Tatum. He is not from this world. I was not expecting much from them. So, let us start the review.

Physical attributes

Physcial of male strippers

All male strippers are physically fit. They are ripped. This a job that is physique driven, I guess this is supposed to be what most women like in a man physically. I found some articles that have been written on what women find attractive in me. I find an article written by play buzz on 14 Things Women Find Physically Attractive in Men to be very direct and specific They listed the following. 6 ft and taller. Nice hair, eye color, arm, and chest Tattoos, ripped abs toned pecs, defined broad shoulder and biceps, strong forearms and wide sexy back.

Well, the kicker was that women are attracted to a man with masculine and chiseled jawlines, the article even went further to back up their claim with scientific research that revealed that men with facial features may have strong immune systems and therefore be a good catch from a genetic perspective. Who knew. “well now I pledge to only date men with facial hair for the sake of my unborn children.

Fifty Shades Male Revue would have watched magic mike and read this article. They all look stunning. A rare species. I can appreciate a good thing when I see it, especially when I am paying for it.

Excellent performers

I don’t think you can separate the art of stripping from the been a great dancer. These men dance, flipped women upside down, sideways and inside out. Their acrobatics performance was insane, they jumped flipped, flew and pumped. They also have a lot of stamina to be able to perform a non-stop show for two hours

 If you find yourself in a strip club please enjoy it. don’t view it as sin but as a performance and enjoy yourself, I did, I would love to hear yours though on this topic. Your intellectual option is welcome.