First date is supposed to be light and fun. It does not matter if it is a blind date, or a date fresh from the dating app. The first date is not an interview or solicitation encounter. I have compiled 100 killer conversations starter couples should not ask on on their first date. This killer conversation starter is from a 2-week survey from single women and men whom are actively dating. The question was posed in an open-ended fashion.


  1.  I hope you love cooking and doing laundry?
  2. Can we just have sex? I’m not really interested in hearing your life story?
  3. Is your family wealthy?
  4. Your friend is hot
  5. Are you wearing a weave/wig?
  6. Are you on your period or something?
  7. Are you pregnant or just fat?
  8. I hate children. Do you have children?
  9. I would never have noticed you in the street, to be honest.
  10. Would you mind if we split the check?
  11. This who I am, deal with it 
  12. I am only attracted to my race but you will do
  13. I will introduce you to my kids tomorrow 
  14. I lied on my profile I am still married 
  15. Have you been arrested before?
  16. What is your credit score?
  17. Are you any good in bed?
  18. Do you have any STD I should know? 
  19. What is your educational level?
  20. I live with my parent 
  21. Are you pro-choice or pro-life? 
  22. How much do you weigh? 
  23. Are you open to relocating?
  24. What is your political affiliation? 
  25. Are you willing to convert to my religion? 
  26. Are you ready to have kids?
  27. You look older than your profile picture 
  28. Do you want to meet my parents?
  29. I think you need to lose some weight 
  30. I bought condom on my way here just in case 
  31. You are curvier than expected 
  32. What is your name again
  33. I have picked out my wedding dress 
  34. My friends think we look cute together 
  35. Shall we head back to my place?
  36. I just got out of jail
  37. I forgot my wallet at home 
  38. Can you lead me some cash?
  39. Can I crash in your place tonight? 
  40. I love you
  41. When are we getting married?
  42. Can I touch your feet?
  43. Have you had any plastic surgery? 
  44. What is your credit score?
  45. Do you have any pending warrant? 
  46. What are your fetishes? 
  47. Are you on pills?
  48. What recreational drugs have you tried? 
  49. Do you own your own house? 
  50. Do you have any student loan? 
  51. Have you been in the same-sex relationship before?
  52. I can tell you are going to be my wife 
  53. Wow, I’m glad you’re not as ugly as I thought you were.
  54. Do you mind if I text and take calls while we talk?
  55. Can I take your selfie and send to my mum?
  56. I am currently not working?
  57. Can I finish your food? 
  58. What is your body count?
  59. What is your favorite sexual position? 
  60. What is the size of your manhood?
  61. What is the length of your manhood?
  62. How long do you last in bed?
  63. Do you put out on a first date? 
  64. I invited my ex-wife and mom on this date 
  65. I want to F you so bad
  66. You have a bad breath 
  67. let leave this place, get high and F
  68. Can you take care of me?
  69. How much do you make?
  70. Do you have any mental health issues I should know?
  71. What is your address? 
  72. Do you have life insurance?
  73. Can you add me to your health insurance?
  74. I date only people who have their own car
  75. I went on a date with you to prove to my friends I am not a ra–st. 
  76. I miss my ex 
  77. You are not my usual type 
  78. Do you go on a lot of dates?
  79. Do you have a fat V—-a?
  80. I want a child really bad
  81. I want an expensive wedding
  82. I am pregnant 
  83. I am a polygamist 
  84. For a fat girl, you are beautiful 
  85. Are you rich?
  86. You look like a hooker 
  87. Do you have any chronic health issues I should know?
  88. I am a witch/warlock 
  89. How long have you been single?
  90. I googled you 
  91. I am here for s-x
  92. Is your boo/butt real?
  93. How many dates have you gone? 
  94. Can we make out?
  95. Are you wearing panties? 
  96. I was not born a man/woman 
  97. Can you advise me about my ex 
  98. Can you add me to your car insurance? 
  99. Do you put out on the first date? 
  100. How many dates have you gone?